What If the Lights Go Out? A Question For A Power Dependent Society… – AVK
What If the Lights Go Out? A Question For A Power Dependent Society…

What If the Lights Go Out? A Question For A Power Dependent Society…

In today’s modern world we are all totally reliant on power – but have you ever thought what would happen if the lights went out unexpectedly?

An interesting thought perhaps. Especially, if you’ve never really considered the implications of a loss of power.

AVK have recently produced a video entitled ‘A City Without Power’. The objective of this was two-fold; obviously to use as a marketing tool, but also importantly to highlight how different our world could be without an energy resource called electricity, or to put it in other words, the ‘lifeblood’ of our daily lives. The difference without this little thought about and ‘invisible’ part of our infrastructure is as much a contrast between day and night it seems.

It will ALWAYS be there. Won’t it?


Just like the air we breathe, for the greater majority of businesses, organisations and critical services the availability of power is often taken for granted, particularly as power outages are few and far between and don’t often last very long – and most will unfortunately take a chance that a period of downtime will not have too much ill effect on their operations. However, here is a stark view of that exact scenario:

Please watch our video below:



Total Dependency on Electricity


But the reality is that in today’s modern world we are all totally dependent on power; we literally cannot survive without it. Without electricity, virtually everything in modern society shuts down – the water systems, gas pipelines, sewage, communication, transport, heat, and light … the lack of food, water, and other basic essential services could pose a real risk to life. Granted, this is a bleak outlook, and at the end ‘worst-case’ end of the spectrum but nonetheless highlights our reliance.

For those businesses that are dependent on electricity to maintain critical systems, processes and operations even a brief outage can have a substantial effect causing disruption, loss of revenue and even putting lives at risk.

Well, not Everyone!


Something that became apparent on proposing this scenario was the mix of response to the way people view the availability, or rather, lack of power…

Take the rather casual, laid-back approach of one commentator:


“I have experienced long power cuts before, it’s no biggie. Takes adjusting to yes, but no biggie”

And contrast this to the more serious, but very real statement of another:


“It wouldn’t take long to bring us to our knees, particularly in Europe during the winter. Our central heating would not work. The sewers would start backing up because we use electric pumps to move sewerage. No water. How long would our food chain remain in place with distribution centres off-line. How would we work in cold and unlit buildings? No biggie! Think again”


Planning. Preparing for Failure.



Indeed, it’s prudent to think about and consider the implications of any period of loss of power – be it temporary or sustained, as for most – it will have an undeniable negative impact on not only industry, businesses, hospitals, public services and much more besides but also the entire infrastructure of our towns, cities as a whole – as it’s the ‘fabric’ that helps us enjoy our ‘normal’ everyday life uninterrupted.

Fortunately, there is a way of guaranteeing your power – even when the grid can’t. AVK have over 30 years of experience and expertise providing class-leading generator solutions for mission-critical services from Data Centres and Hospitals to Telecommunications providers and everything in between. For facilities and mission-critical systems where 100% power is vital for 100% of the time, a generator power system is essential to the continuous power delivery during times of mains power failure or outages.

We take pride in each and every critical generator power system and turnkey project solution we deliver – anywhere where constant power is required to maintain normal business operations without risk to data, machinery, financial loss or even lives, AVK generator solutions keep the lights on for business.

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