Another AVK Servicing and Maintenance success story – AVK
Another AVK Servicing and Maintenance success story

We at AVK|SEG (UK) Ltd – The Power People, take pride in the fact that we work extremely hard on servicing and maintaining generators of any make and size.

Our Service Division is trusted by many to keep their generators or UPS systems in optimum condition no matter who the manufacturer is. This was proved again recently when we were asked to perform a large Paxman engine rebuild for a client. Our engineering team removed the heads, pistons, liners, turbos and coolers in order to refurbish six of these ‘Monster Engines’.

Well done to John and the AVK Service team for another successful generator maintenance project.

To find out more on how we can help with your next generator or UPS Project and Servicing & Maintenance requirements, give us a call on 01628 503900, email us at

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